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Our Mission:

Second Calvary Baptist Church is
“A COMMUNITY CHURCH with a Global Vision.” 

4 pillars of SCBC mission
  • Church Vision: Our vision is to be a  congregation focused on the future, relevant, and responding to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

  • Church Mission: At Second Calvary Baptist Church our mission is a community church with a global vision.

  • Church Community: We are a congregation focused on local missions and, evangelism; with this, we impact the local community surrounding our church through various programs and initiatives. 

  • Church Global:  We are a congregation concerned about the foreign community by providing resources, aid, training, and education around the world, Matthew 28:19.

Keys to Achieving our Mission

We will achieve our mission by:


  • Preaching the Gospel, teaching, healing, nurture, worship, ministry, fellowship, and witness

  • Creating a shared Vision of the future

  • Strategies that are developed to reach our community and the world

  • Recruiting and developing trained, committed, competent spiritual leaders

  • Creating innovative methods for doing ministry and mission

  • Creating multiple opportunities for members to be involved in ministry and missions

  • Cultivating a Spiritually empowered and united membership

The Vision of Second Calvary

Our vision is to be a congregation that lives in the power of the Holy Spirit
and who is intention when it comes to doing missions and ministry.

Core Spiritual Values

What are Core Spiritual Values?

The term “Core Spiritual Values” is adapted from the idea of “core values.” These are the Core Spiritual Values that are at the center of the ministry and spiritual life of Second Calvary Baptist Church and teaching ministry:

  • We believe that the Word of God (The Bible) is the center of our preaching 

  • We believe that the church must be actively engaged in the work of ministry AND mission locally and globally

  • We believe that church leaders must be Spirit-filled, committed, well-trained, and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit

  • We believe that the local congregation is the visible manifestation of the “body of Christ” in the world

  • We believe that we have a responsibility to make disciples of all nations

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