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Deaconess in training, trustee in training & CHURCH CLERK

Nominations are now being accepted for the Church-wide offices of Deaconess in Training, Trustee in Training and Church Clerk. Nomination forms have been placed in the Narthex, on the church web site and in the Whatz Up? Nominations will remain open through Sunday, October 9, 2022. Qualifications for each office are as follows and are also printed on the back of the Nomination Form.

Deaconesses should be of good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom. They assist the Deacons in serving with care and compassion. They bring ministry and charity to members of their own sex.

The Church Clerk is elected by the Church for an indefinite period, subject to removal when the Church sees fit. The Church Clerk may also be the Financial Secretary. The Church Clerk shall be a good penman and shall keep accurate records of business meetings of the Church. The Clerk shall maintain all records in chronological sequence
and provide detailed account of reports of other Ministries, as reported by those Ministries.

Trustees serve as legal representatives of the Church. They hold all property of the Church in trust. Disposition of property and major improvements require authorization by vote of the Church. They are to keep all Church property in good condition. They can make emergency repairs or adjustments to meet current need up to $1,000. They are responsible for the current expenses of the Church, not including increasing or decreasing salaries. They have charge over all monies of the Church, to be used for the legitimate expenses of the Church and its property.

*These qualifications are taken from the Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches.

Church-Wide Office Nomination Form
Deaconess in Training, Trustee in Training and Church Clerk

Nominations are now open to the congregation and will remain open through Sunday, October 9, 2022 for candidates.
The date of the election will be announced later.

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